Whooping Cough poster

Everyone can get whooping cough

Page last updated: 08 May 2015

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Whooping Cough

  1. Identify

The infection can be deadly in babies but anyone can get whooping cough.

  • Babies and young children can stop breathing or develop severe coughing bouts that end with vomiting or gasping for breath.
  • People of all ages can get whooping cough and can spread it to babies.
  • Adults often just have a mild cough that lingers.
  1. Protect

lmmunise your baby on time to get the best protection

  • Keep anyone with a cough away from your newborn especially until your baby has had 3 whooping cough vaccines.
  • Immunity fades. You can still get whooping cough, even if you've been immunised.
  • Booster vaccines for children and adults are available.
  1. Prevent

Whooping cough spreads quickly when people cough in the early stages of the infection

  • If you have symptoms, see a doctor fast and get tested.
  • Early detection and early treatment prevents spread to others.
  • Stay home until no longer infectious. Ask your doctor when it's safe to return to work, school or childcare.

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