ATAGI Bulletin 36th Meeting 7-8 February 2008

Summary of outcomes of the meeting held on 7-8 February 2008

Page last updated: April 2015

PDF printable version of ATAGI Bulletin 35th Meeting 7-8 February 2008 (PDF 41 KB)

  • ATAGI held its 36th face to face meeting on 7-8 February 2008 in Canberra.
  • ATAGI reviewed a range of Australian and international data relating to possible HPV adverse events and concluded that no changes to HPV vaccine use are recommended at this time. ATAGI will continue to monitor this situation.
  • The ATAGI Pneumococcal Working Party, the ATAGI Communications Working Party and the ATAGI Influenza Working Party delivered progress reports. Their work continues.
  • ATAGI noted that, following a number of paediatric influenza associated deaths in the 2007 influenza season, the West Australian Department of Health has negotiated with Sanofi Pasteur and CSL to provide free influenza vaccination in 2008 to all children aged between 6 months and 5 years in the Perth metropolitan area as a trial to assess efficacy. The ATAGI Influenza Working Party will monitor the progress of this trial to inform their deliberations.
  • ATAGI noted that hard copies of the Australian Immunisation Handbook, 9th Edition are currently being printed, and will be distributed to immunisation providers in March 2008.
  • The next ATAGI meeting is scheduled for 5-6 June 2008 in Sydney.