ATAGI Bulletin 39th Meeting 19-20 February 2009

Summary of outcomes of the meeting held on 19-20 February 2009

Page last updated: 20 April 2015

PDF printable version of ATAGI Bulletin 39th Meeting 19-20 February 2009 (PDF 37 KB)

  • ATAGI held its 39th face to face meeting on 19-20 February 2009 in Canberra.
  • ATAGI will establish a Revaccination Working Group to develop a set of standard management procedures following administration of vaccines outside standard guidelines for revaccination (if required) that can be uniformly applied across jurisdictions.
  • ATAGI noted that the community-based HPV catch-up program finishes on 30 June 2009. All females aged in the 12-18 and 18-26 year old bracket must have started the course with their first dose of the vaccine on or before 30 June 2009 and complete all 3 doses by 31 December 2009.
  • ATAGI will establish a Pertussis Working Party to consider the use of dTpa in young children, and the duration of effectiveness of dTpa in adolescents/adults.
  • ATAGI will provide input to the draft National Immunisation Strategy which is currently being developed by the Commonwealth in consultation with state and territories and other key stakeholders. Once developed the draft National Immunisation Strategy will be forwarded to the Australian Health Ministers’ Conference for members consideration and endorsement.
  • ATAGI will hold an Industry Consultation Day on Wednesday 14 October 2009 in Canberra.
  • The next ATAGI meeting is scheduled for 4-5 June 2009 in Canberra.

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