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ATAGI Bulletin 40th Meeting 4-5 June 2009

Summary of outcomes of the meeting held on 4-5 June 2009

PDF printable version of ATAGI Bulletin 40th Meeting 4-5 June 2009 (PDF 50 KB)

ATAGI Pertussis Working Party Terms of Reference

Attachment A

1. Evaluate trends in the burden of disease from pertussis by age group in the context of historical vaccine uptake.

2. Consider the case for inclusion of pertussis-containing vaccines in the National Immunisation Program (NIP) with repect to disease impact and adverse events for persons over the age of 18 years overall and with specific reference to: 3. Review the current NIP recommendations for pertussis-containing vaccines in persons under the age of 18 years with respect to disease impact and adverse events for:
4. If required, provide advice to the Department on suggested changes to the NIP schedule for pertussis - containing vaccines

ATAGI Hib/Meningococcal Working Party - Recommendations agreed at 4&5 June 2009 ATAGI meeting

Attachment B

1. In Indigenous children in NSW, ACT, Victoria and Tasmania, and all non-Indigenous children both PRP-T and PRP-OMP vaccines are acceptable for the primary schedule and for booster doses.

2. In Indigenous children in NT, Queensland, WA and SA, a mixed schedule with primary PRP-OMP boosted by PRP-T are optimal on theoretical grounds if they can be delivered reliably. However homogenous PRP-T schedules have been associated with good Hib control in comparable populations in Canada and are likely to have similar effectiveness if PRP-OMP has limited availability.

3. If desirable on programmatic grounds, Hib boosting at 12 or 18 months is acceptable.

4. Given the rarity of invasive Hib disease in Indigenous and non-Indigenous children, surveillance of Hib carriage is desirable to detect any emerging trends in a timely fashion.

5. The Working Party name change to Hib/Meningococcal Working Party which better reflects the broadened terms of reference to enable inclusion of the quadrivalent conjugate meningococcal vaccines.

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