School Programs and Adolescents

Page last updated: 20 April 2015

The following vaccines are provided free for children aged 10 – 15 years through school immunisation programs. Click on the links in the program schedule to find more information about the diseases being prevented by the vaccines.

Getting your child immunised

The vaccines are provided free as part of schools vaccination programs. Contact your state or territory health department for details on the school grade eligible for vaccination.

Parents or guardians are required to complete a consent form in order for their child to receive a vaccination at school. Consent forms are either issued in class or, in some cases, mailed to you by the immunisation provider with information about the vaccine being administered. Completed consent forms should be returned to the school office, your child’s teacher or the immunisation provider.

It is also important that your child attends school on vaccination days. Note that some vaccines require multiple doses throughout the school year. Schools often advertise the dates of immunisation sessions in their newsletters on their websites. Contact your school or your state or territory health department to confirm dates for vaccination in your child’s school.

You may also choose to have your child vaccinated by your family doctor. Please note that while vaccines are provided for free, a consultation fee may apply.

Tips for parents

Some older children can get very concerned about the prospect of having a vaccination at school. It is important to talk to teenagers openly about the importance of immunisation, and to explain how a little pain now will equip them with a lifetime of protection.

Some useful tips for preparing older children for school-based immunisation include: giving them a good breakfast, making sure they wear a loose shirt, ensure they are feeling well on the day, and if they are feeling nervous or unwell to make sure they let someone know.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged 10 - 15 years

Further information on vaccinations for adolescent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is available.

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